About Us


Salt and sweets Aftab PVT (Ltd)  must get itself recognized as a leading brand of Pakistan and abroad.     

  •         Salt and Sweets Aftab PVT (Ltd) must focus on the customer’s requirement.
  •         We make sure to gather all the information to provide the quality product.
  •         Our product quality should conform to international standards.
  •         Our team is capable of handling each order on time.
  •         To build a reliable and strong relation with our customers.


Salt and sweets Aftab  Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier, manufacturer and exporter of food products. Our company is capable of handling every consumer’s needs. We are suppliers and exporters of different grades of salt and rice, manufacturer spices, jams and pickles. We take great pride knowing that our products have the best qualities.

 Salt and sweets Aftab  Pvt Ltd is an ISO-9001:2015, Food and safety management system,ISO 22000:2018,  HACCP ,Halal certified company in the food business. We source globally, manufacturing food items with keen focus on food safety and quality. We are trusted partners, applying our experience and expertise to every step of process, providing customized solutions to our customers.


Salt and Sweets Aftab  (Pvt) Ltd assures to meet up the satisfaction level of our customers to provide the high quality products on time. Our mission is to provide our consumers with the best standards quality product and safety. We believe in building a stronger partnership with our customers.

Continuous improvement is important for the process and product. We research to accomplish the excellent product that meets up the standard of the world.