Two Set of Glass

Salt lamps are decorative lights that are carved out of pink Himalayan salt and believed to have various health benefits. In fact, advocates of salt lamps claim they can clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, boost your mood and help you sleep.

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Two Set of Glass



In ancient times, apothecaries would mix together medicine and spices that would help heal those in need.

This hand-carved mortar and pestle combine ancient mastery with modern functionality.

100% Himalayan salt brings the mythical to life, mix up spices, fresh herbs, or oils to create a culinary sensation that will not be easily forgotten.

Perfect for crushing herbs & spices for your culinary delights, this Mortar & Pestle is made of 100% Himalayan Salt.

The Himalayan Salt Mortar and pestle is an incredible new take on an age-old product.

Grinds herbs, spices, sea salts, etc. in the traditional manner, while adding a unique and healthy hint of Himalayan Pink Salt to any preparation